HIMALAYA - Erina Plus - Coat Cleanser with Conditioner - 200 ml

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  • Pet Project Recommends
  • Used in routine bathing as a conditioner to maintain a healthy coat and prevent matting.
  • Used in routine bathing as a cleanser and to control dandruff in the hair coat.
  • Prevention and management of pruritus (itching) and pyoderma (superficial bacterial infection).

Conditioner and Detangler: Erina PLUS promotes shiny texture and a smooth hair coat, and prevents the matting of hair. Cleanser and Dandruff Control: The cleansing properties of Erina PLUS help in removing dirt and dust from the skin, eliminating germs, and improving overall skin hygiene. It also prevents the formation of dandruff on your pet's skin and hair coat.

Wet the body thoroughly with water. Take the required quantity of Erina PLUS coat cleanser with conditioner. Work up a rich lather and massage well into the coat. Rinse well after 5 minutes and repeat the application if required. Towel dry and brush thoroughly.

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