PEDIGREE PRO - Starter Mother & Pup

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  • The products in this range combine high quality ingredients with the science developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM - a world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition
  • EXPERT NUTRITION for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers and Puppies Between 3 and 12 Weeks
  • Professional Range STARTER Mother & Pup has been specially developed for a puppy that has been weaned at a younger age and can be given as early as 3 weeks. It is the ideal transition from mother’s milk
  • Introduce your pup to starter mother & pup as soft form. Take the recommended quantity of the rehydratable kibbles and add an equal amount of lukewarm water (max. 50°C). Caution Do not cook this food Do not add boiling water to the food before serving Wait until the water has cooled down and the kibbles are soft before serving them to your pup kibbles have become soft before serving them to your puppy