WILDWASH Flea & Bug Repellent Spray - 300ml

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Deters fleas, ticks, flies, mites and mosquitoes.

WildWash has chosen ingredients from four continents that have been selected as the most effective insect repelling botanicals in their country of origin.

By combining these together, WildWash has created an effective natural Flea and Bug Repellent Spray for dogs and horses.

The revolutionary blend of plants and herbs uses ingredients such as Horsetail, Eucalyptus and Nettle.Content

  • Apply freely to skin and coat to deter fleas, ticks, flies, mites and mosquitoes.
  • Use as often as necessary.
  • It is lick safe and can be applied every day during peak flea season.
  • For instance, if you are about to go on a walk where you know your pet can pick up ticks, spray on before the walk.
  • The best way to use it is to spray on and brush through the coat.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.

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