POOCHMATE Tuxedo Bandana

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  • Bringing you the ultimately stylish bandanas for your boys!
  • PoochMate Tuxedo Bandanas are perfect to dress up your furry for those special occasions.
  • Our Tuxedo Bandanas are hand made with premium fabrics, and sport a red polka bow tie. These are perfect to dress up your pup when the weather is not suitable for a full jacket!
  • Material: Soft Poplin with padding.
  • Adjustable Neck Size with buckles.
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Scoop Neck Tuxedo Bandana features collar with Red Polka Bow Tie and buttons
  • Small: Fits small breeds, 10-17 inches neck size.
  • Medium: Fits medium breeds, 15-22 inches neck size.
  • Large: Fits large breeds, 22-28 inches neck size.

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