We all know how crucial it is for your dog to get their daily walks. Exercise is important for your canine and you should not skip walking them several times a day unless absolutely necessary.

Sometimes, though, the weather makes it absolutely necessary. Rain in India can often be a deluge and it may be tricky getting your pet out in a thunderstorm and in flooding. (Do note, though, that ordinary rain won’t harm your dog and you should take them walking if it is drizzling or lightly raining. There are several tips in our last blog post on how to protect your dog during the monsoon.)

If the weather is terrible, indoor games are your best bet to keep your dog exercised and happy. Here are some of the best rainy day dog activities.

1. Obstacle course

When you hear ‘obstacle course’, you automatically think outdoors. But it’s perfectly simple to build an indoor obstacle course for your dog – and they’re guaranteed to love it! Some of the ways in which you can both train your dog and ensure they get enough exercise:

- Buy some traffic cones and place them around the living room. Teach your dog to weave through them. If you don’t have cones, simply create different obstacles – like two or three piles of books, for example, that your dog has to weave around.

- Agility tunnels are great for your dog and can be set up at home. Just make sure your dog isn’t claustrophobic before using one and remember to always be there, encouraging them, to help them get out at the other end.

- Furniture can make excellent obstacles. Urge your dog to crawl under chairs or weave in between tables.

-Hula hoops! If your dog looks like they are up for it, train them to jump through a hula hoop.

Remember, the key to good training for an obstacle course is repetition, so stick to a course structure and make sure your dog learns how to navigate it. Obstacle courses are one of the best rainy day dog activities because they keep your dog physically exercised, mentally sharp and also increase bonding between you and your pet.

2. Running – with stairs

This one is less indoor game and more just brute exercise, for when your dog is feeling especially frustrated by being trapped in the house. Throw a toy up the stairs and watch your dog climb to get it. It’s the game of fetch, but with added difficulty. Your stairs should not be too steep, of course, and in any way dangerous for dog. If there is any concern of them slipping and falling, it’s better to chase them around the living room instead.

3. Tug of war

All dogs love playing tug of war. It’s instinctive for them and is a great way for them to use their strength and to work out. Playing tug of war with your dog also helps you bond with them. Make sure you buy a strong rope that won’t snap but that is also easy on your dog’s gums, such as the Petsport Giant Tuff Ball Tug Dog Toy .

4. Scavenger hunt

This one is a classic, and really never gets old, whether it is played with humans or pets. There are several variants to this game. You could:

– Be the person the dog is seeking

In this case, have a family member cover your dog’s eyes and hold them in place while you go hide. Give your dog an item of clothing that you wear so that they can catch onto your scent and then let your family member release them so that they can find you.

Tips: You may have to start with baby steps for this one. Train your dog to know what to look for by hiding first in the corner of the room, where they can easily find you, and then later in other parts of the house. It’s a lot of fun once your dog catches onto the game. Don’t be scared to nudge them along with your voice. And treat them! Always give them a treat when they find you.

– Hide treats for your dog to find

Instead of giving your dog a Kong toy and watching him play with it to get the treats, why not hide the treats throughout the house? Trust us – your dog will love searching for them, and it will give them good exercise. Don’t forget to join them on the hunt; their victories become yours, which is what makes hide and seek one of the best indoor games to play with dogs.

Tip: You should pick a treat that your dog loves and is familiar with. That way, it will be easy for them to pick up the scent.

Rainy days don’t have to be boring. With these games, you’ll have more than enough to keep your dog occupied when the rain comes down.