There’s nothing more adventurous than a teething pup. Shoes, clothes, furniture – your pup will chew everything with the same enthusiasm. While it may seem like your puppy is being mischievous, especially when they chew your slippers for the fifth time, chewing actually functions to relieve the pain they experience from teething. Teething in pups begins in earnest at around 16 weeks of age, so expect all your items to be fair game!

Still, there is one way to save your slippers and shoes. There is now a range of teething toys for dogs. These are specifically designed to help your puppy through their teething phase, and will keep your household items safe.

Choosing the right chew toy

Chew toys or teething toys for your puppy are very important. Not only do they soothe your pup’s teeth and gums during the teething phase, but they also keep your household items safe. This is crucial, as puppies must learn what items are okay to play with and what are off limits. This is not just to keep your house safe, but to keep them safe as well – you don’t want your puppy chewing and ingesting something that’s bad for them! Habits formed in these years can be difficult to break, so it’s important that you set limits early.

When picking a chew toy for your dog, consider what kind of breed your puppy is. If your pup belongs to a family of large dogs, then they may have more jaw power than other pets. If they are small dogs, then toys that are too hard may harm them at this early stage. Check the toys to see what age range they are suitable for. Don’t make the mistake of picking up a chew toy for an adult dog – your puppy’s teeth will not be as hardy as a fully-grown dog’s and such chew toys may hurt them.

Also consider if your puppy has a latex allergy. Latex is the main ingredient in rubber, which is what most chew toys are made of. If your dog does have a latex allergy, choose toys that are latex-free to keep them healthy and happy.

Here are some of our favourite chew toys for dogs:

1. Petstages Puppy Cool Teether Dog Toy

Bright, colourful and with knotted streamers on either end – what’s not to love about this delightful toy? The Petstages Puppy Cool Teether Dog Toy is a soft plush ball with steamers that your puppy will absolutely love to chew on. It will help relieve some of their chewing urges and soothe them into positive behaviour patterns.

And that’s not all. Pop this toy into the fridge or freezer so that it cools before you give it to your puppy to play with. The coolness of the ball will help with their teething pain and provide extra relief.

2. KONG Puppy Medium Dog Toy

Leader in the world of toys for dogs, KONG is a brand that has your dog’s best interests at heart. The KONG Puppy Medium Dog Toy is a hive-shaped toy made of rubber and is the gentlest of all the KONG toys. Its soft rubber formula makes it perfect for teething pups just exploring their chewing game.

The best part? It comes hollow, so you can fill it with a range of treats. These treats will slowly drop out of the toy as your pup chews on it, giving them a reward for playing. It is positive reinforcement in its best form: each time your puppy chews on this chew toy for dogs instead of your slippers, they get treated for it.

3.KONG Wubba Weaves Large

A twist on an old favourite, the KONG Wubba Weaves Large is a ball made of woven and knotted rope. Its textured surface is great for canine dental care, as it cleans your dog’s teeth as they chew. And there are the signature Wubba nylon streamers at the end, which allows this to double as a tug toy. Take this chew toy out to the park to spend some quality time with your little pup playing tug and fetch.

4. Trixie Dumbbell Dog Toy

Available in bright yellow with small, multicoloured bones decorated along it, this toy for dogs is as fun as it looks. Shaped as a dumbbell and fitted with sound, the Trixie Dumbbell Dog Toy is quick to become your dog’s favourite toy. Its unique shape makes it easy to carry around and its sound keeps your pup alert and engaged as they chew.

The centre of the dumbbell is fitted with small, blunt rubber spikes. These add texture for your pup as they chew, providing extra comfort to their gums. They also clean your pup’s teeth.

5. West Paw Zogoflex Blue Hurley Bone Dog Toy

Sleek and durable, the West Paw Zogoflex Blue Hurley Bone Dog Toy is a throwback to when dogs used to collect and bury bones. Except this toy is far more durable (and safer) than a bone, which means your pup can chew on it for hours without you worrying.

This chew toy for dogs is available in a range of colours – including green, orange and blue – which makes it easy to spot when playing a game of fetch outdoors. It also floats, which means you can take it to the pool with your dog during those hot summer months. If you ever feel it is getting too dirty, just pop it in the dishwasher.

Chews toys are an absolute essential for a teething pup, and many of these will quickly become your dog’s favourite toys. So go out and treat your pup – they deserve it.