PETSTAGES Puppy Cool Teether Dog Toy

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  • Pet Project Recommends
  • Soft plush ball toy for puppies that doubles as a teething aid
  • Freezes easily and helps soothes tender gums Knotted ribbons on the ends for more chewing fun
  • Helps relieve boredom and stress while satisfying chewing urges
  • Encourages puppy to develop more positive chewing behavior at an early age

Teething is a natural process every puppy goes through, but their sore gums and teeth can make their days miserable. To help relax your puppy and soothe those irritated gums, this cooling teether is here to keep the pain at bay. All you need to do is freeze this teething ball and it’s ready to give to your pup!

The Puppy Cool Teether doubles as a fun chew toy and helps channel your puppy’s energy into exciting and active playtime. The knotted ribbons on the end are safe and chew-able so your pup can have more to gnaw on. Add the Petstages Puppy Cool Teether to your puppy care toolbox and give your puppy their next favourite chew toy!

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