We believe that every pet is unique. That means a unique style, personality, playfulness and diet-one size most certainly does not fit all. Every pet owner knows this. Whether you have a cat, dog or fish-or any other beloved we may have left out-your darling is so much more than just those labels. And yet, there is no space in the pet market that celebrates this. Instead, pets are put into boxes, diets are standardized and routines ironed-out. You’re told dogs are hyper, cats standoffish, fish… well, there isn't much you’re told about fish. But the point is, few articles see your pets for the individuals they are. Which means it is very difficult to find information that allows you to tailor your pet's lifestyle to their needs.

Until now.

The Pet Project blog series is here to help. We’ll get you the facts about your pet in engaging and fun ways.
Confused about what a healthy diet means for a dog? Come to us. Baffled about how to get your cat
playing? We have ideas. Convinced your Labrador is a secret artist in the making? Obviously, you need to
help her express herself-we have accessories.

We’ve done our research and are committed to creating healthier and happier pets (haaavvvee you met
Kafka?). Above all, we want to keep you informed so that you can make the best decisions for your pets.
For no matter how much we care about your little ones`, it’s not a patch on how much you love them.

Empowering you is to the key to making their lives better.

So sit back and relax. We’re here now. Check this space for more on food, accessories, exercise, health and much, much more. And let’s celebrate your pet the way they deserve.